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Are you interested in collecting coins? At Richmond County Rare Coins, we have a team which is dedicated to providing you with top-notch supplies for your rare coin collection. You can trust us to familiarize you with concepts of rare coins and collector's supplies so you can keep your collectibles in a safe environment.

Our Supplies for a Complete Collection

  • Loupe - A tiny magnifying glass, which is used to determine the value and quality of the coin. Loupe can also be used by photographers and jewelers. 
  • Album - Specially designed books used to showcase your precious coin collection. 
  • Coin holders - Intended to protect coins from wear and tear, observed in a range of plastic and cardboard designs. 
  • Mint state - Coins in a top-notch condition, which are as good as new are said to be in a mint condition. 
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We provide quality supplies to safely store your precious collectibles.
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